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Our Story:

Together Cafe, formally Olde Towne Deli, was birthed on August 3rd, 2016 from the hearts of two servants Richard and Melissa Malone. It wasn’t unusual for them to be found in the kitchen feeding their families, friends, church members, or hundreds of people in need. That servant hood became the foundation of our mission here at Olde Towne Deli. To serve our community good food and create a space for everyone to feel loved. Richard and Melissa worked hard and prayed harder to make our shop into the thriving business that we are today.


We thank our founders Richard and Melissa because they didn’t just want to create business that helps people. They believed God called them to create a legacy that helps people. And on August 5th, 2019 that inclination became a reality when they sold Olde Towne Deli to Vicente Hernandez. Vicente had been chasing a dream for 12 years of starting a coffee shop that would be known as a loving change agent in its community. From his youth, Vicente knew he was supposed to be shedding light in a community through coffee, great food, arts, and a loving smile. When God brought Richard, Melissa, and Vicente together they knew something miraculous was happening.


Now, Vicente continues the vision of Olde Towne Deli, to serve and love on Salisbury. Realizing that our shop is more of a cafe. Vicente changed the name January 2021 to Together Cafe. Holding true to honoring the history of our shop and great city, but also embracing the growth of our future. He thanks each and every person that has supported us over the last years and those who continues to support of us on this journey. You are helping us be the light in our world exactly how we dreamed of. Many people in need have had their lives changed because of YOU! Sincerely, thank you!


Let them tell it


"Fresh ingredients and made to order - with care - You can't beat that!"


"The food was on time and delicious! The service was awesome. A great addition to downtown."


"Old Towne Deli has absolutely fantastic food. So much so that it's a real conundrum figuring out what to order!"

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